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Somewhere in the distance, on quiet nights, you can almost
hear the music, the voices, the laughter just out of reach.

"Golden Cornucopia" takes audiences on a journey to a forgotten time and place, where a community of hardworking miners and their families carved out a life amidst the rugged Oregon wilderness. Now, decades later, a small group of locals, are determined to preserve the memory of this once-thriving gold mining town, and the people who called it home. Through personal accounts and rare archival photos, this powerful documentary captures the spirit of a town and its people, fighting against the ravages of time to keep their legacy alive.


September - December 2023

The Pine Valley Community Museum is happy to present the 60 minute, broadcast documentary on the local mining town of Cornucopia, Oregon.

The film, three-years in the making with the museum involved in the production. Interviewing local experts, historians and community residents discussing the past and present of Cornucopia, Oregon.

You can purchase the DVD at the link below. 100% of profit goes back to the museum after expenses.

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Saturday Sept 16th

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"Cornucopia is an old mining camp, covered deep with snow in winter but open and delightful in summer. It is the center of the richest gold section in Oregon. In its career of 40 years as a gold camp it has seen approximately $7,000,000 of gold taken out of the mines. It is rich in legends, stories of wonderful strikes, lost fortunes, destructive snow slides, feverish booms and all the other stories that hover around mining camps. The tourist who stops there can almost dream the stories from the surroundings."

- 1922 Oregonian Newspaper

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"Golden Cornucopia" is a poignant documentary that takes us on a decades-long journey to explore the history and legacy of a once-thriving mining community in Cornucopia, Oregon.  

Once a hub of industry and prosperity, the town of Cornucopia is now slowly fading into history, with its mines and memories the only remaining testament to the ingenuity, resilience, and self-reliance of the people who once called this place home.  

Through exclusive never before seen footage and photographs, the film offers an insider's view of the mine and the people who lived, worked, and died here. Despite the dangers of mining, including avalanches, industrial mishaps, and premature dynamite explosions, the community persevered, drawn together by a shared sense of purpose and the promise of gold.  

Today, visitors from all walks of life are drawn to Cornucopia, sensing a palpable energy that lingers long after the blasting and din of mining activity ceased.  Through the stories, we witness industry on a grand scale, laughter, and song during Saturday dances, children playing, and 4th of July celebrations, complete with dynamite explosions to celebrate the holiday!

A billion dollars in gold ore may be safely locked away in the mountains.  Still, the actual value of this place lies in the memories, stories, and community that endures to this day.  "Golden Cornucopia" is a testament to the power of the human spirit and a celebration of this remarkable place's rich history and legacy.

Press coverage

The Mines of Cornucopia

Established in the late 1800s. Gold was discovered in the area in 1884, rapidly expanding and becoming the most significant gold mining operation in Oregon by the turn of the century.

The mines of Cornucopia would combine ownership in the '20s and 30s, to become the nation's 6th largest gold producer, with over $26 million worth of gold extracted in its 40 years in operation.

Gold was extracted through underground and surface placer mining methods,  ore was processed using stamp mills, and cyanide vat leaching.

By the mid-'30s, production was booming, yet the mine faced labor, health, and financial issues— Oregon's most significant gold mining operation ended.

With World War II on the horizon and demand for gold dropping, the War Production Board, finally closed the mine, leading to the town's demise.

Today, Cornucopia is a ghost town with summer cabins; and an outstanding year-round lodge with only a few remaining traces of its mining past.

The region has become a popular destination for history buffs, hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike; the nearby town of Halfway serves as a gateway to the Hells Canyon recreation area.

Photos courtesy - Pine Valley Community Museum, Baker County Library District - Used with permission.

The People

Historically, the town was founded as a gold mining camp in the late 1800s and was home to a diverse group of people, found livelihoods as miners, loggers, ranchers, and farmers.

Today, the town has a population of only a few dozen people, many of whom are descendants of the original settlers. Then as now, living in Cornucopia or the surrounding area requires a certain level of self-sufficiency and resilience. The town is located in a remote area with harsh winters and limited access to amenities.

Many families have lived in the area for generations and are deeply connected to the land and the town's heritage. The people of Halfway and Cornucopia, Oregon, embody the spirit of the American West – resilient, self-reliant, and deeply connected to their community and heritage.

The crew & Behind the scenes

John Webb

Executive Producer / Editor

A broadcast producer based out of McMinnville, Oregon.  Producing and editing - “Fishing The West', “Fusion TV”, “Core Culture”, “Board Wild,” and other pioneering extreme sports and outdoor programming in the 80s-2000s.

2018 - executive produced the nuclear-themed biographical documentary - “The Half-Life of Genius” (Gravitas Ventures).  Securing interviews with Pulitzer author Richard Rhodes - “The Making of the Atomic Bomb, and Los Alamos National Lab historian Roger Meade, as well as crucial family and additional expert sources.  In 2022, producing  “Golden Cornucopia”, the history and stories surrounding the one-time sixth-largest gold mine in America.

Tom Cook

Author / Historian / Producer

Tom, producer and historian, brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to our documentary on Copia. His recent books on the town provide valuable insights into its history, people, and mining operations. He is a sought-after speaker and offers "History Talks"  on the area.. We are lucky to have Tom on our documentary project, utilizing his skills and talents.

Jared Brandon-Flande

Producer / Director

Jared, our co-producer and director, brings a fresh perspective to the project with a keen sense of visual pacing and timing. He wears many hats both on-location and in post-production, and his fluid camera work is invaluable to the project. Despite being busy with his feature project, we are fortunate to have Jared's visual skills and expertise on Copia.  Jared also co-produced the "Half-Life of Genius," released in 2018 globally.

Jack Myers

Producer / Aerial Cinematography / Content Creator

Jack, the creator and producer of "Ham - Homestead" on YouTube, covering Eastern Oregon's mining history, homesteading, and amateur "ham" radio topics. He's our senior camera operator and Part 107 certified aerial drone pilot, delivering fantastic cinematography.  As a co-producer, he tackles daily changes and production challenges, wearing many hats as a producer, transportation captain, and local fixer/grip. His support since day one has been invaluable to our documentary project.

Jerry Ann Dunn

Associate Producer / Behind the Scenes

Jerry Ann functions as associate producer, local fixer, grip, talent coordinator, and behind-the-scenes. She and husband Trevor has hiked extensively all over Copia and provided us with valuable insights into the place and offer genuine respect for preserving memories, stories, and the town's history.   Her assistance and insights are invaluable to the project.

Trevor Dunn

Associate Producer / Musician

Trevor also acts in many capacities - associate producer, local fixer, grips, and behind-the-scenes.  His involvement and expertise in the area, hiking, and the history of Copia have been invaluable. As a professional musician and production artist, Trevor is composing a fantastic song dedicated to the memory of Copia, which we use in the film. You don't want to miss it! 

Behind the scenes & Ham Homestead videos

Read more about Cornucopia, Oregon

Tom Cook - author/historian

“In The Cornucopia, Tom Cook leads us on an expedition 100 years back in time to a remote mountainside in Northeast Oregon. Once there, Cook lets us experience the enchanting, dangerous and sometimes heartwarming history of Oregon’s largest gold mining operation. Not fanciful fiction, this is an affectionately told story of real people scratching a living out of the cold hard rock of Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains. The Cornucopia adds a new volume to the great historical literature about America’s Old West.”

Dave Imus, author of The Essential Geography of the United States of America

All profits from the books go to the Pine Valley Museum for the preservation of Cornucopia.

Thank-you cast, crew and organizations

- Interviewees -
Larry Bush
Carmelita Holland
Galen West
Bob Taylor
Kerry Gulick
Ann Ingalls
Dale Taylor
Jack Myers
Thomas Cook
Dan Johnson
Evan Johnson

- Narration -
Thomas Cook

- Recreation Cast -
Chris Perlich
Kayla Lowry
Damon Rose
Jay Billings
Toni Myers
Cody Jones
Roy Adams
Mike Cutler
John Webb

- Dancers -
Steve Anderson
Marcelle Anderson
Mary Baker
Kelly Belnap
Sarah Belnap
Teresa Brown
Wayne Clemmer
Theresa Cheslock Clemmer
Sharon Garrels
Patsy Johnson
Mark Johnson
Linda McMurray
Kit McPeters
Frances Myers
Paula Nelsen
Kenneth Payne
Leslie Payne
Thomas Rector

- Producers -
John Webb
Tom Cook
Jared Brandon-Flande
Jack Myers

- In association with -
The Pine Valley Community Museum

- Director -
Jared Brandon-Flande

- Associate Producers -
Jerry Ann Dunn
Trevor Dunn
Patti Villasenor
Bill Schuhle
Sherrie Kvamme

- Written by -
John Webb
Thomas Cook

- Camera -
Jack Myers
Jared Brandon-Flande
John Webb
Jerry Ann Dunn

- Aerial Footage -
Jack Myers

- Very Special Thanks -
Therese Bottomly
Larry Bush
Galen West
Dale Taylor
Lauren Cacace
Jerry Ann Dunn
Trevor Dunn
Dave & Kathryn Moore
Steve Backstrom
Richard Carrithers
Lynn Weems
Carmelita Holland
Paul Linnman
Bill Schuhle
Sara Schreiber
Yamhill County Heritage Center
Pine Valley Comm Museum
Baker Heritage Museum
Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre
McMinnville (O
R) Grange
Wayne Clemmer

- Music -
DeWolfe Music Library

Written and performed by
Courtney Majors
©2023 Dunn Music, All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

"Copia" producer / engineer
Justice Snyder
Studio 1933 / Boise Idaho

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